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Roy Rogers Memory page.........
Randy Travis looks back..........My wife and I are proud to have known Roy Rogers for many years, and I would not trade that experience for anything, Travis said Monday afternoon. I will remember him most for his kindness, decency and for having a great sense of humor.

One small example of Roys sense of humor was when he came to Nashville and looked out at the audience wearing numerous black hats. He jokingly said, I thought I took care of you guys years ago!

Travis accompanied Rogers on a quick draw and sharp shooting mission at Dead Mans Point in Apple Valley in September 1995. The duo had teamed up alongside Dusty Rogers to film a promotional video for the Single Action Shooters Societys End of Trail exhibition.  Travis said Rogers was one of the few actors in Hollywood who aimed for goodness and decency. Roys movies portrayed a man with a great set of moral values, Travis said. That was Roy Rogers he lived his life by the same rules. You felt that you had known him forever the first time you met him. The two kept in touch throughout the years, getting together at each others homes from time to time.

One time, when he had breakfast at our house, we were surprised when he put syrup on some of his pancakes and mayonnaise on others, Travis said. He said in the Depression, you made the same food taste like as many different kinds of foods as you could. That is where Roy came from. Family was everything to him, and he adopted several children to join his family.  People like Roy Rogers are hard to come by these days and he will be greatly missed.


Marty Stuart recalls good guy..................
Rogers was a kind and gentle soul who lent the country singer several items for his nationwide touring collection of memorabilia titled
The Fruit of the Loom Country Experience.  The world, especially America, has just lost a big piece of its soul, said Stuart, who often visited the Victorville museum.  I spent time with Roy on several occasions at the museum, he said.  Stuart said he got to know Rogers better while performing on Rogers Tribute album and during its benefit concert in 1991.  In a world full of bad guys, the good ones really shine, Stuart said . We just lost the best good guy of them all.

Clint Black remembers his hero.............
Roy Rogers is every bit the hero America and the movies made of him, Clint Black said. In real life, he stood taller than an icon and reached farther than the stars. 
Im sure that there will be the definitive Roy Rogers salute that will say it better than I can, but to me he will stand as the example of the best things to come out of Hollywood.

Black added that Rogers exit from the world was as graceful and honorable as the life he lived.  In true hero fashion, Roy left the way every member of his audience wants to go in his sleep after a lifetimes job well done, surrounded by loved ones, the sun setting on the end of the movie with more credits to roll than one screen will allow.


Garth Brooks remembers his mentor.............and
said he was inspired by Rogers dedication. 
Ninety-nine percent of celebrities come and go in this industry because somewhere along the way the freshness and the enthusiasm leave, Brooks said . What I always loved about Roy Rogers is that his enthusiasm for what he did never left.


Gene Autry................ whom Rogers replaced in 1938s Under Western Stars, remembered his friend, colleague and former co-star as a great man.
Roy Rogers and I worked at Republic Pictures for many years. We have been close friends for half a century. This is a terrible loss for me, Autry said. I had tremendous respect for Roy and considered him a great humanitarian and an outstanding American. He was, and will always be, a true Western hero.

Bob Hope misses the laughter...............He starred with Rogers in two independent movies, including Alias Jesse James, remembered his former costar as one of Americas unique icons.  Roy was one-of-a-kind, a singing cowboy with a great sense of humor, Hope said. We made Son of Paleface together and he was a real pro. Like millions of his fans, Dolores and I will miss him.

Roy at his Sister's home.
Visiting with Bill Sullivan.

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